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Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection: Volume 2
is a two-disc collection of Tom and Jerry cartoons released on October 25, 2005.


Disc 1Edit

  1. "Puss Gets The Boot" (commentary by Nicole Parker and Earl Kress)
  2. "The Midnight Snack"
  3. "The Night Before Christmas" (commentary by Nicole Parker and Earl Kress)
  4. "Fraidy Cat"
  5. "Dog Trouble"
  6. "Puss n' Toots"
  7. "The Bowling Alley-Cat"
  8. "Fine Feathered Friend"
  9. "The Lonesome Mouse"
  10. "Puttin' on the Dog"
  11. "The Mouse Comes to Dinner"
  12. "Mouse in Manhattan"
  13. "Springtime for Thomas"
  14. "Trap Happy"
  15. "Part Time Pal"
  16. "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse" (commentary by Nicole Parker and Earl Kress)
  17. "Old Rockin' Chair Tom"
  18. "Professor Tom"
  19. "The Cat and the Mermouse"
  20. "Polka-Dot Puss"

Disc 2Edit

  1. "Saturday Evening Puss" (commentary by Nicole Parker and Earl Kress)
  2. "Little Quacker"
  3. "Texas Tom"
  4. "Safety Second"
  5. "Sleepy-Time Tom"
  6. "Nit-Witty Kitty"
  7. "Cruise Cat"
  8. "Triplet Trouble"
  9. "Push-Button Kitty"
  10. "The Missing Mouse"
  11. "Jerry and Jumbo"
  12. "Just Ducky"
  13. "Little School Mouse"
  14. "Tom and Chérie"
  15. "Muscle Beach Tom"
  16. "Down Beat Bear"
  17. "Mucho Mouse"
  18. "Tot Watchers"

Special Features Edit

  • All-new introduction by Whoopi Goldberg
  • Silent Pencil Sketch: The Midnight Snack (Disc 1)
  • Animators As Actors (Disc 1)
  • The Comedy Stylings of Tom and Jerry