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Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch Collection
is a DVD released on June 2, 2015.[1] It contains every Tom and Jerry short Gene Deitch directed.


  1. "Switchin' Kitten"
  2. "Down and Outing"
  3. "It's Greek to Me-ow!"
  4. "High Steaks"
  5. "Mouse into Space"
  6. "Landing Stripling"
  7. "Calypso Cat"
  8. "Dicky Moe"
  9. "The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit"
  10. "Tall in the Trap"
  11. "Sorry Safari"
  12. "Buddies Thicker Than Water"
  13. "Carmen Get It!"

Bonus FeaturesEdit

  • Tom and Jerry...and Gene
  • Much Ado About Tom and Jerry