The Bear That Couldn't Sleep
Directed By: Rudolf Ising
Produced By: Rudolf Ising
Fred Quimby (uncredited)
Released: June 10, 1939
Series: Barney Bear
Story: Rudolf Ising
Animation: Pete Burness
Michael Lah
Irven Spence
Carl Urbano
George Gordon
Jack Zandler
Ray Abrams
Backgrounds: Joseph Smith
Film Editor:
Voiced By: TBA
Music: Scott Bradley
Starring: Barney Bear
Preceded By: Art Gallery
Succeeded By: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The Bear That Couldn't Sleep is a 1939 MGM cartoon directed by Rudolf Ising.


Barney Bear is preparing for his winter sleep. He puts a sign on his door that said: DO NOT DISTURB UNTIL SPRING,sets his clock to alarm at March,when it is spring. He ties up the waterhole and puts a water bag under his bed and goes to sleep. But the water bag leaks. Before Barney can cry about it, the waterhole splashes all over him. But the windows are about to burst open but Barney did not mind,but it did,setting snow all over the bed. Barney leaves the kettle on but a crackle gets in his pants. He gets rid of it and goes back to sleep, only finding spring has come.



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