Texas Tom
Texas Tom
Directed By: William Hanna
Joseph Barbara
Produced By: Fred Quimby
Released: March 11, 1950
Series: Tom and Jerry
Story: TBA
Animation: Kenneth Muse
Irven Spence
Ray Patterson
Ed Barge
Layouts: TBA
Backgrounds: TBA
Film Editor: TBA
Voiced By: TBA
Music: Scott Bradley
Starring: Tom Cat
Jerry Mouse
Preceded By: Saturday Evening Puss
Succeeded By: Jerry and the Lion
Texas Tom (1950)

Texas Tom (1950)

Texas Tom is a 1950 Tom and Jerry short.



  • The original titles featured a slow pan across the desert landscape before slowing zooming in on the ranch, after which it would dissolve to the action. The reissue titles feature a completely new painting, and after zooming in on the ranch it fades to black before fading in on the action.