Screwball Squirrel
Screwball Squirrel
Directed By: Tex Avery
Produced By: Fred Quimby (uncredited)
Released: April 1, 1944
Series: Screwy Squirrel
Story: Heck Allen
Animation: Preston Blair
Ed Love
Ray Abrams
Film Editor:
Voiced By:
Music: Scott Bradley
Starring: Screwy Squirrel
Preceded By: The Zoot Cat
Succeeded By: Batty Baseball

Screwball Squirrel is an animated short that was made in 1944 by Tex Avery. It is the first appearance of Screwy Squirrel.

Plot Edit

In a forest full of animals is one Sammy Squirrel, he is gathering nuts until Screwy Squirrel steps on one. Sammy tells Screwy Squirrel about his cute cartoon and all of his cute friends, but Screwy doesn't want to hear about it and takes Sammy behind a tree and beats him up.

Screwy then talks about how bored he is and goes into a phone booth to ring up and annoy someone. He calls Meathead, a pedigree bird catching dog and goads him into chasing him. Meathead soon arrives furious with Screwy. Screwy then starts pulling and twanging his nose.


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