MGM Happy Harmonies LaserDisc was a LaserDisc released on July 9, 1994[1]. The set does not contain all the Happy Harmonies cartoons, but covers rather other various MGM cartoons. This is the only release of these cartoons by MGM, and Warner Home Video has no plans as of 2017 to release a new set.


Side 1 - Musical FantasiasEdit

Tale of the Vienna Woods (1934)

The Blue Danube (1939)

The Mad Maestro (1939)

Art Gallery (1939)

Abdul the Bulbul-Ameer (1941)

Dance of the Weed (1941)

Side 2 - Little CutiesEdit

Poor Little Me (1935)

Barnyard Babies (1935)

Two Little Pups (1936)

Little Cheeser (1936)

The Little Goldfish (1939)

The Little Mole (1941)

Side 3 - Colorful CharactersEdit

The Calico Dragon (1935)

Hey-Hey Fever (1935)

Bosko's Easter Eggs (1937)

The Old Plantation (1935)

Little Buck Cheeser (1937)

The Lonesome Stranger (1940)

Side 4 - Swingin’ Cats and CrittersEdit

Toyland Broadcast (1934)

Honeyland (1935)

The Chinese Nightingale (1935)

Tom Turkey and his Harmonica Humdingers (1940)

Romeo in Rhythm (1940)

Swing Wedding (1937)

Side 5 - Bedtime StoriesEdit

Bottles (1936)

To Spring (1936)

Pipe Dreams (1938)

The Bookworm (1939)

Peace on Earth (1939)

The Milky Way (1940)

Side 6 - Barney BearEdit

The Bear that Couldn’t Sleep (1939)

The Fishing Bear (1940)

The Flying Bear (1941)

The Bear and the Beavers (1942)

Barney Bear’s Victory Garden (1942)

The Uninvited Pest (1943)

Side 7 - Cartoon ClassicsEdit

Goldilocks and the Three Bears (1939)

Home on the Range (1940)

Mrs. Ladybug (1940)

The Alley Cat (1941)

The Field Mouse (1941)

The Boy and the Wolf (1943)



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