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This is the complete list of classic MGM cartoons released from 1934-1970.


  1. The Discontented Canary (first MGM cartoon, oldest to be currently owned by Turner Entertainment, public domain, A METRO COLOR CARTOON in the opening because the name Happy Harmonies was not existent yet)
  2. The Old Pioneer (first with the name Happy Harmonies)
  3. Tale of the Vienna Woods
  4. Bosko's Parlor Pranks (first MGM cartoon with Bosko)
  5. Toyland Broadcast


  1. Hey-Hey Fever (final cartoon with Bosko in Looney Tunes form)
  2. When The Cat's Away
  3. The Lost Chick
  4. The Calico Dragon (Academy Award nominee)
  5. Good Little Monkeys
  6. The Chinese Nightingale
  7. Poor Little Me
  8. Barnyard Babies (final cartoon in 2-hue color, final cartoon with Coffee the Lion)
  9. The Old Plantation (first cartoon in 3-hue color, first cartoon with Tanner the Lion, first with the black MGM Tanner the Lion title)
  10. Honeyland
  11. Alias St. Nick (first Little Cheeser cartoon)
  12. Run, Sheep, Run! (first appearance of blackface Bosko)


  1. Bottles (longest Happy Harmony short)
  2. The Early Bird and the Worm
  3. The Old Mill Pond
  4. Two Little Pups
  5. The Old House
  6. The Pups' Picnic
  7. To Spring (public domain)
  8. Little Cheeser
  9. The Pups' Christmas


  1. Circus Daze
  2. Swing Wedding (first to not have Happy Harmonies on the title)
  3. Bosko's Easter Eggs
  4. Little Ol' Bosko and the Pirates
  5. The Hound and the Rabbit
  6. The Wayward Pups
  7. Little Ol' Bosko and the Cannibals
  8. Little Buck Cheeser (final Little Cheeser cartoon)


  1. Little Ol' Bosko in Bagdad (final Bosko cartoon)
  2. Pipe Dreams (from Disney)
  3. Cleaning House (first MGM cartoon produced in-house, first The Captain and the Kids cartoon, all in black and white, unless noted)
  4. The Little Bantamweight (last Happy Harmonies cartoon due to overbudget concerns, from Disney)
  5. Blue Monday
  6. Poultry Pirates
  7. The Captain's Pup
  8. A Day at the Beach
  9. What a Lion
  10. The Pigmy Hunt
  11. Old Smokey
  12. Buried Treasure
  13. The Winning Ticket
  14. Honduras Hurricane
  15. The Captain's Christmas (color)


  1. Petunia National Park (color, special lion opening)
  2. Seal Skinners
  3. Mama's New Hat (final The Captain and the Kids cartoon)
  4. Jitterbug Follies (first of two cartoons featuring Milt Gross's Count Screwloose and J.R., black and white)
  5. Wanted: No Master (final Count Screwloose and J.R. cartoon, black and white)
  6. The Little Goldfish (oldest cartoon to be reissued, first one-shot cartoon, first cartoon to open with "AN MGM CARTOON:)
  7. Art Gallery
  8. The Bear That Couldn't Sleep (first Barney Bear cartoon)
  9. Goldilocks and the Three Bears
  10. The Bookworm
  11. One Mother's Family
  12. The Blue Danube
  13. Peace on Earth (Academy Award nominee)
  14. The Mad Maestro


  1. The Fishing Bear
  2. Puss Gets The Boot (originally a one-shot, first Tom and Jerry cartoon)
  3. Home on the Range
  4. A Rainy Day
  5. Swing Social
  6. Tom Turkey and His Harmonica Hamburgers
  7. The Milky Way (Oscar winner, reissue keeps original credits, but omits the opening and ending to replace it with the 1950-1958 "The End" card and the 1953-1958 opening card)
  8. The Bookworm Turns
  9. Romeo in Rhythm
  10. The Papa Gets the Bird
  11. The Homeless Flea
  12. Gallopin' Gals
  13. The Lonesome Stranger
  14. Mrs. Ladybug


  1. Abdul the Bulbul Ameer
  2. The Prospecting Bear
  3. The Little Mole
  4. The Goose Goes South
  5. The Rookie Bear
  6. Dance of the Weed
  7. The Alley Cat
  8. The Midnight Snack (oldest Tom and Jerry cartoon to be reissued, reissued twice)
  9. Little Cesario
  10. Officer Pooch
  11. The Flying Bear
  12. The Night Before Christmas
  13. The Field Mouse


  1. Fraidy Cat
  2. The Hungry Wolf
  3. The First Swallow
  4. The Bear and the Beavers
  5. Dog Trouble
  6. Little Gravel Voice
  7. Puss n' Toots
  8. Bats in the Belfry
  9. The Bowling Alley-Cat (final with the black MGM opening title)
  10. Blitz Wolf (Academy Award nominee, first to have the yellow-orange MGM opening title, first MGM cartoon directed by Tex Avery)
  11. The Early Bird Dood It! (first with 1942-46 The End card)
  12. Chips Off the Old Block
  13. Fine Feathered Friend
  14. Wild Honey
  15. Barney Bear's Victory Garden


  1. Sufferin' Cats
  2. Bah! Wilderness
  3. Dumb-Hounded (first Droopy cartoon)
  4. The Boy and the Wolf
  5. Red Hot Riding Hood
  6. The Lonesome Mouse
  7. Who Killed Who?
  8. The Yankee Doodle Mouse (Oscar winner)
  9. Barney Bear and the Uninvited Pest
  10. One Ham's Family
  11. War Dogs
  12. The Stork's Holiday
  13. What's Buzzin' Buzzard?
  14. Baby Puss (first Tom and Jerry cartoon with the Tom and Jerry The End title until 1955)


  1. Innertube Antics
  2. The Zoot Cat
  3. Screwball Squirrel (first Screwy Squirrel cartoon)
  4. Batty Baseball
  5. The Million Dollar Cat
  6. The Tree Surgeon
  7. Happy-Go-Nutty
  8. The Bodyguard
  9. Bear Raid Warden
  10. Big Heel Watha
  11. Puttin' on the Dog
  12. Mouse Trouble (Academy Award winner)
  13. Barney Bear's Polar Pest


  1. The Screwy Truant
  2. The Unwelcome Guest
  3. The Shooting of Dan McGoo
  4. Jerky Turkey (public domain)
  5. The Mouse Comes to Dinner
  6. Mouse in Manhattan
  7. Tee for Two
  8. Swing Swift Cinderella
  9. Flirty Birdy
  10. Wild and Woolfy
  11. Quiet Please!


  1. Lonesome Lenny (final Screwy Squirrel cartoon)
  2. Springtime for Thomas
  3. The Milky Waif
  4. The Hick Chick (final with 1942-46 The End card)
  5. Trap Happy
  6. Northwest Hounded Police (final with yellow-red opening title scheme, evident from the theatre scene in the cartoon, first with 1946-52 The End card)
  7. Solid Serenade (first with 1946-52 opening)
  8. Henpecked Hoboes (first George and Junior cartoon)


  1. Cat Fishin'
  2. Part Time Pal
  3. Hound Hunters
  4. The Cat Concerto (Academy Award winner)
  5. Red Hot Rangers
  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Mouse (Academy Award nominee)
  7. Salt Water Tabby
  8. Uncle Tom's Cabaña
  9. A Mouse in the House
  10. Slap Happy Lion
  11. The Invisible Mouse
  12. King-Size Canary


  1. The Bear and the Bean
  2. What Price Fleadom
  3. Kitty Foiled
  4. Little 'Tinker (final with In Technicolor)
  5. The Bear and the Hare (first with Color By Technicolor)
  6. The Truce Hurts
  7. Half-Pint Pigmy (final George and Junior cartoon)
  8. Old Rockin' Chair Tom
  9. Lucky Ducky
  10. Professor Tom
  11. The Cat That Hated People
  12. Mouse Cleaning


  1. Google Fishing Bear
  2. Bad Luck Blackie (first Butch Dog cartoon)
  3. Polka-Dot Puss
  4. Señor Droopy
  5. The Little Orphan (Academy Award winner)
  6. Hatch Up Your Troubles (Academy Award nominee)
  7. The House of Tomorrow
  8. Heavenly Puss
  9. Doggone Tired (public domain)
  10. Wags to Riches
  11. The Cat and the Mermouse
  12. Little Rural Riding Hood
  13. Love That Pup
  14. Jerry's Diary
  15. Out Foxed
  16. Tennis Chumps
  17. The Counterfeit Cat


  1. Little Quacker (first Quacker cartoon)
  2. Saturday Evening Puss
  3. Texas Tom
  4. Jerry and the Lion
  5. Ventriloquist Cat
  6. The Cuckoo Clock (final with 1946-50 The End card)
  7. Safety Second (first with MADE IN HOLLYWOOD, USA)
  8. Tom and Jerry in the Hollywood Bowl
  9. Garden Gopher (first with 1950-58 The End card, due to the MADE IN HOLLYWOOD, USA)
  10. The Framed Cat
  11. The Chump Champ
  12. Cue Ball Cat
  13. The Peachy Cobbler


  1. Casanova Cat
  2. Cock-a-Doodle Dog
  3. Jerry and the Goldfish
  4. Daredevil Droopy
  5. Jerry's Cousin (Academy Award nominee)
  6. Droopy's Good Deed
  7. Sleepy-Time Tom
  8. Symphony in Slang
  9. His Mouse Friday
  10. Slicked-Up Pup
  11. Car of Tomorrow
  12. Nit Witty Kitty
  13. Droopy's Double Trouble
  14. Cat Napping


  1. The Flying Cat
  2. Magical Maestro
  3. Duck Doctor
  4. The Two Mouseketeers (Oscar winner) (first with 1952-54 opening)
  5. Smitten Kitten
  6. Triplet Trouble
  7. One Cab's Family (final with 1946-52 opening)
  8. Little Runaway
  9. Rock-a-Bye Bear
  10. Fit to be Tied
  11. Push-Button Kitty
  12. Caballero Droopy
  13. Cruise Cat
  14. The Little Wise Quacker
  15. The Dog House
  16. Busybody Bear


  1. The Missing Mouse
  2. Barney's Hungry Cousin
  3. Jerry and Jumbo
  4. Cobs and Robbers
  5. Johann Mouse (Oscar winner)
  6. Little Johnny Jet (Oscar nominee)
  7. That's My Pup!
  8. Heir Bear
  9. TV of Tomorrow
  10. Wee-Willie Wildcat
  11. Just Ducky
  12. Half-Pint Palomino
  13. Two Little Indians
  14. Life with Tom
  15. The Three Little Pups


  1. "Puppy Tale" (January 23)
  2. "Posse Cat" (January 30)
  3. "Drag-a-Long Droopy" (February 20)
  4. "The Impossible Possum" (March 20)
  5. "Hic-cup Pup" (April 17)
  6. "Billy Boy" (May 8)
  7. "Little School Mouse" (May 29)
  8. "Sleepy-Time Squirrel" (June 19)
  9. "Homesteader Droopy" (July 10)
  10. "Bird-Brain Bird Dog" (July 31) (final Barney Bear cartoon)
  11. "Baby Butch" (August 14) (latest cartoon to be reissued, all future cartoons survive with their original titles)
  12. "Mice Follies" (September 4) (final with 1946-54 Tom and Jerry card)
  13. "The Farm of Tomorrow" (September 18) (final with 1952-54 opening)
  14. "Neapolitan Mouse" (October 2) (first with 1954-58 opening and first with the 1954-55 Tom and Jerry card)
  15. "The Flea Circus" (November 6)
  16. "Downhearted Duckling" (November 13)
  17. "Pet Peeve" (November 20) (first MGM cartoon produced in CinemaScope, although a regular Academy format does exist, first to use the 1954-55 Tom and Jerry The End title for CinemaScope cartoons)
  18. "Dixieland Droopy" (December 4) (CinemaScope, although a regular Academy format does exist, special ending title, only non-Tom and Jerry cartoon to be produced both in Academy Ratio and CinemaScope)
  19. "Touché, Pussy Cat!" (December 18) (Academy Award nominee, CinemaScope, although a regular Academy format does exist)


  1. "Southbound Duckling" (March 12) (CinemaScope, although a regular Academy format does exist)
  2. "Pup on a Picnic" (April 30) (CinemaScope, although a regular Academy format does exist)
  3. "Field and Scream" (April 30)
  4. "Mouse for Sale" (May 21)
  5. "Designs on Jerry" (September 2)
  6. "Tom and Chérie" (September 9) (CinemaScope, although a regular Academy format does exist)
  7. "The First Bad Man" (September 30)
  8. "Smarty Cat" (October 14) (only Tom and Jerry cartoon to have the MGM ending card instead of the Tom and Jerry one)
  9. "Deputy Droopy" (October 28)
  10. "Pecos Pest" (November 11) (final cartoon with 1946-55 Tom and Jerry The End card in Academy Ratio format)
  11. "That's My Mommy" (November 19) (first cartoon to not be produced by Fred Quimby, final cartoon with 1954-55 Tom and Jerry card, final cartoon with 1954-55 Tom and Jerry The End card in CinemaScope format)
  12. "Cellbound" (November 25) (final cartoon in Academy Ratio format, all cartoons from 1955-58 afterwards were only in CinemaScope, final Butch Dog cartoon)
  13. "Good Will To Men" (December 23) (remake of Peace on Earth (1939), final cartoon produced by Fred Quimby, Academy Award nominee)


  1. "The Flying Sorceress" (January 27) (first with 1956 Tom and Jerry opening and ending cards)
  2. "The Egg and Jerry" (March 23) (remake of "Hatch Up Your Troubles" (1949))
  3. "Busy Buddies" (May 4)
  4. "Muscle Beach Tom" (September 7)
  5. "Millionaire Droopy" (September 21) (remake of "Wags to Riches" (1949))
  6. "Down Beat Bear" (October 21)
  7. "Blue Cat Blues" (November 16) (final with 1956 Tom and Jerry opening and ending cards)
  8. "Barbecue Brawl" (December 14) (first with 1956-58 Tom and Jerry opening and ending cards, first cartoon in Perspecta Sound)


  1. "Cat's Meow" (January 25) (remake of "Ventriloquist Cat" (1950))
  2. "Tops With Pops" (February 22) (remake of "Love That Pup" (1949))
  3. "Give and Tyke" (March 30) (first Spike and Tyke cartoon)
  4. "Timid Tabby" (April 19)
  5. "Grin and Share It" (May 17)
  6. "Feedin' the Kiddie" (June 7) (remake of "The Little Orphan" (1949))
  7. "Scat Cats" (July 26) (final Spike and Tyke cartoon)
  8. "Mucho Mouse" (September 6)
  9. "Blackboard Jumble" (October 4)
  10. "Tom's Photo Finish" (November 1)
  11. "One Droopy Knight" (December 6) (Academy Award nominee)


  1. "Happy Go Ducky" (January 3)
  2. "Sheep Wrecked" (February 7)
  3. "Royal Cat Nap" (March 7)
  4. "Mutts About Racing" (April 4)
  5. "The Vanishing Duck" (May 2) (final Quacker cartoon)
  6. "Robin Hoodwinked" (June 6)
  7. "Droopy Leprechaun" (July 4) (final Droopy cartoon)
  8. "Tot Watchers" (August 1) (final cartoon with 1956-58 Tom and Jerry opening and ending cards, final MGM cartoon in Perspecta Sound, final Tom and Jerry cartoon produced by Hanna and Barbara until 1975, final theatrical short from MGM until 1961)


  1. "Switchin' Kitten" (September 7) (first Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Gene Deitch)
  2. "Down and Outing" (October 26)
  3. "It's Greek to Me-ow!" (December 7)


  1. "High Steaks" (March 23)
  2. "Mouse into Space" (April 13)
  3. "Landing Stripling" (May 18)
  4. "Calypso Cat" (June 22)
  5. "Dicky Moe" (July 20)
  6. "The Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit" (August 10)
  7. "Tall in the Trap" (September 14)
  8. "Sorry Safari" (October 12)
  9. "Buddies Thicker Than Water" (November 1)
  10. "Carmen Get It!" (December 21) (final Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Gene Deitch)


  1. "Pent-House Mouse" (July 27) (first Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Chuck Jones)


  1. "The Cat Above and the Mouse Below" (February 25)
  2. "Is There A Doctor in the Mouse?" (March 24)
  3. "Much Ado About Mousing" (April 14)
  4. "Snowbody Loves Me" (May 12)
  5. "The Unshrinkable Jerry Mouse" (December 8)


  1. "Ah, Sweet Mouse-Story of Life" (January 20)
  2. "Tom-ic Energy" (January 27)
  3. "Bad Day at Cat Rock" (February 10)
  4. "The Brothers Carry-Mouse-Off" (March 3) (only Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Jim Pabian)
  5. "Haunted Mouse" (March 24)
  6. "I'm Just Wild About Jerry" (April 7)
  7. "Of Feline Bondage" (May 19)
  8. "The Year of the Mouse" (June 9)
  9. "The Cat's Me-Ouch" (December 22)
  10. "The Dot and the Line" (December 31)


  1. "Duel Personality" (January 20)
  2. "Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary" (February 17)
  3. "Jerry-Go-Round" (March 3)
  4. "Love Me, Love My Mouse" (April 28) (first Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Ben Washam (along with Chuck Jones))
  5. "Puss 'N' Boats" (May 5) (first Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Abe Levitow)
  6. "Filet Meow" (June 30)
  7. "Matinee Mouse" (July 14)
  8. "The A-Tom-inable Snowman" (August 4)
  9. "Catty Cornered" (September 8)
  10. Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (December 18)


  1. "Cat and Dupli-Cat" (January 20)
  2. "O-Solar-Meow" (February 24)
  3. "Guided Mouse-ille" (March 10)
  4. "Rock 'n' Rodent" (April 7)
  5. "Cannery Rodent" (April 14) (final Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Chuck Jones)
  6. "The Mouse from H.U.N.G.E.R." (April 21)
  7. "Surf Bored Cat" (May 5) (final Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Abe Levitow)
  8. "Shutter Bugged Cat" (June 23)
  9. "Advance and Be Mechanized" (August 25)
  10. "Purr-Chance to Dream" (September 8) (final Tom and Jerry cartoon in the Golden Age of American Animation, final Tom and Jerry cartoon directed by Ben Washam)
  11. "The Bear That Wasn't" (December 31) (final theatrical one-shot cartoon)


  1. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (March 19)

Further ReadingEdit

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