Cleaning House
Directed By: Robert Allen
Produced By: Fred Quimby
Jack Chertok (all uncredited)
Released: February 19, 1938
Series: The Captain and the Kids
Animation: Ray Abrams
George Gordon
Jack Zander (all uncredited)
Film Editor: TBA
Voiced By: Billy Bletcher
Martha Wentworth
Jeanne Dunne (all uncredited)
Music: Scott Bradley
Bert Lewis
Paul Kerby (all uncredited)
Starring: The Captain, Mama, her children and the Doctor
Preceded By: Pipe Dreams
Succeeded By: The Little Bantamweight
Cleaning House is a 1938 The Captain and the Kids cartoon directed by Robert Allen.


Mama has everyone working on spring cleaning, or so she thinks; in fact, everyone's slacking off in various ways. The Captain is the only one to get caught and face her wrath, though. To escape, he fakes illness, but the boys catch him at it. Mama calls the doctor; the boys intercept him and impersonate him. They get revealed, but so does the Captain, and Mama puts him to work doing everyone's job.


  • This was the first Captain and the Kids short.
  • This was the first cartoon produced by Fred Quimby.